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End to End testing

Testing the integrity of React components by publishing in a private registry#

E2E and Verdaccio#

Some projects organize packages in multi-packages repositories or monorepos. E2E testing is a topic that usually is only relevant for User Interfaces, but from a Node.js perspective, publishing packages also need to be tested.

Such approach has been really hard to achieve considering:

  • Populate canary packages on public services seems not to be a good idea
  • Some self-hosted OSS registries are too heavy
  • Offline environments (private networks)

Verdaccio is a lightweight registry with zero-configuration that fits perfectly in any E2E + CI workflow.


There is no a silver bullet yet, each implementation seems to be specific for each project, you can check some of them in the following thread clicking here.

Example using Bash#

This is the most simple example using Verdaccio in a bash script (extracted from create-react-app).

set -e
# start local registrytmp_registry_log=`mktemp`sh -c "mkdir -p $HOME/.config/verdaccio"sh -c "cp --verbose /config.yaml $HOME/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml"sh -c "nohup verdaccio --config $HOME/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml &>$tmp_registry_log &"# wait for `verdaccio` to bootgrep -q 'http address' <(tail -f $tmp_registry_log)# login so we can publish packagessh -c "npm-auth-to-token -u test -p test -e -r $local_registry"# Run nmp commandsh -c "npm --registry $local_registry publish"

Who is using it for E2E?#