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Co je Verdaccio?

Verdaccio je jednoduchý soukromý npm proxy registr založená na Node.js


Co je registr

  • A repository for packages that implements the CommonJS Compliant Package Registry specification for reading package info
  • Provide an API compatible with npm clients (yarn/npm/pnpm)
  • Semantic Versioning compatible (semver).
$> verdaccio


Using Verdaccio

Using Verdaccio with any Node.js package manager client is quite straightforward.


You can use a custom registry either by setting it globally for all your projects

npm set registry http://localhost:4873

or by using it in command line as an argument --registry in npm (slightly different in yarn)

npm install lodash --registry http://localhost:4873
yarn config set registry http://localhost:4873


All packages that you publish are private and only accessible based in your configuration.


Verdaccio cache all dependencies on demand and speed up installations in local or private networks.

In a Nutshell

  • Webová aplikace založená na Node.js
  • Soukromý npm registr
  • Je to místní síťová proxy
  • It's a Pluggable application
  • Jednoduchá na instalaci a použití
  • Nabízíme podporu pro Docker a Kubernetes
  • 100% kompatibilní s yarn, npm a pnpm
  • Verdaccio means A green color popular in late medieval Italy for fresco painting.